annie radigan

hair and makeup artistry

Avant Garde Photoshoot Hair & Makeup

​October 2016

"my focus is to let the natural beauty of my clients stand out..."

Bridal Hair & Makeup 
October 2015

Boudoir Hair & Makeup 
October 2014

Pageant Hair & Makeup

Mrs. Virginia 2015

Bridal Hair & Makeup
November 2014

​​Each look I create is a piece

of art that has been perfected

to the best of my abilities.  
My love for the arts was
instilled at a young age.  As a
child, attending art classes at
my local community college
during the summer was not
uncommon.  As a teen, I was
accepted into Thomas Dale
High School's Visual Arts
program where I was taught
and harnessed various
mediums.  All the while, none
of them truly allowed me to
​create like I knew I wanted to.  

     April of 2010, I started an apprenticeship at Bondi Blonde Hair Studio & Spa in my home town of Chester, Virginia.  There, I was taught the ins and outs of the hair world while allowing my own individual creativity to dominate.  Working behind the chair as a stereotypical hair stylist was ​something I knew I never wanted to do. However the lessons I learned then taught me finesse, how to translate people's desires into industry terminology, and how to create.  

     While in my apprenticeship, I became a part of After Dark Education's Hair and Makeup Team.  After Dark is a photography convention that harnesses some of the most respected and accomplished photographers from around the world to teach amateurs their tricks of the trade.  Working with After Dark taught me to think outside of the box and allow my creativity to dominate.  Working under a limited amount of time also taught me to work  quickly while still producing quality images with an attention to detail.  

       After two years in the salon, I began my freelancing career with my cosmetology license in the state of Virginia.  Since November of 2013, I've been a freelancer with CNN in Washington, D.C., while in the time between then and now, freelancing for NBC Sports, ABC, ESPN, & National Geographic, among others. While production (TV and commercial work) makes my heart the happiest, I also love sharing a Bride's special day with her and watching her transform from her normal self to the most radiant version of herself- glowing with confidence and happiness. Since beginning my career, I've worked several hundred weddings. In addition to my styling and special occasion work, I also have a solid list of clients that I provide traditional beauty services to. I love getting to spend time with people I've known my whole life or people I've just met and transform them into the woman they know best, or a fun new version through cut and color.  

​     On a more personal level, I have a great little family. My boyfriend, Alex, and I live in the city's near west end. We're accompanied by two pups and a kitten. When I'm not working (which doesn't happen often), you can find me at REI (or out exploring),  tending to my organic veggie garden, cooking up something yummy, or painting with watercolor pencils. No matter what I'm doing, there's likely music (Death Cab For Cutie, Bon Iver, and The National are my favorites) playing. I try to live a simple life and just do what I love.

     All in all, my primary focus is to make the natural beauty of my clients stand out and simply enhance that beauty with my knowledge of makeup and hair- unless, of course, I'm given guidelines and have free reign in which case I let my mind and hands do what they see fit. 

I look forward to working for you and towards your objective!

                                                                                     -Annie Radigan